Planeta Ice Cream

by Jessica Sanchez on 07/17/2013 | 2 Minute Read

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"The Brief for Planeta ice-cream - 'We want to become Lithuania’s second most known ice-cream brand in three years,' said the client.  So New!'s task was to create world for new ice-cream brand: positioning, legend, tone of voice, name, packaging and to stand out from the four major ice-cream producers."



"The Challenge :We needed a fresh new brand for ice-cream that takes you back to childhood. But at the same time we wanted to avoid the infantile look with cliché fairy-tale's heroes. Our challenges were to establish clear and strong positioning, to create a name that appeals to a broader audience, hence the playful and magical tone. Lastly, to design packages that stand out from the crowd.

Solution: First, we came up with the new ice-cream name "Planet" and then started to dream of this surreal planet. In this Planet, there is a huge volcano – the mountain is made of ice-cream and its crater spews different syrups. Also we dreamed about the creatures that live on the Planet. Creatures that have been working in the ice-cream industry for generations. That’s why the locals have essentially adapted their entire existence – their physique and capabilities – to ice-cream production. And then we turned our dreams into reality. So, here it is, a vivid packaging with a different melting flavor and presented inhabitant on each package."

Designed by New!, Lituania Creative Director: Tomas RamanauskasArt Director: Migle RudaityteDesigner: PetPunkCopywriter: Aiste JureAccount Manager: Egle Petkeviciute

Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

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