Hammond's Candies Signature Tins

by Diane Lindquist on 06/07/2013 | 1 Minute Read

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Building a brand is hard work. Especially a 93-year-old brand like Hammond's Candies, which has over 400 different products. "When Hammond's approached us with ideas for gifts, the solution was quite simple. A set of commemorative tins for Hammond's most popular candies. Featuring an embossed label and lid, these tins snuggly hold 6-ounces of delicious candy. For $12, the candy won't last long, but this package is a keeper. EBD has been working with Hammond's for the past 4 years developing the logo, colors, and the language for the brand. Since the rebranding, which has been rolling out in phases, product sales have gone up 200%, the companies sales have gone from just the holiday season to year-round, and products that weren't selling are now not staying on the shelves. Some products have wait times. And instead of putting a private label on the product, major retailers are selling the candy under the Hammond's brand - and we get all the free candy we can eat! "



 Designed by EBD, Denver, Colorado

Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph


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