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Milk Talk

by Jessica Sanchez on 06/04/2013 | 2 Minute Read

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With the product series “milk talk” Korean beauty and cosmetic brand Etude aims to provide its customers with a joyful shower time through a humorous design. The bottles of these wash lotions are made of a material with a soft texture that has a highly pleasant feel, echoing the product name and evoking associations of milk.



"The moisturising body soaps are scented with real strawberry, apple or banana, which is not only indicated in the colour of the bottles but also in the illustrations in combination with the names. The fruits are furthermore reflected in the supplemented sponge tops, which were designed according to the different scents of the body soaps. On the one hand, they aim to allow the target group of 16 to 22 year old girls to identify themselves with their individual scent, and on the other hand they help space in bathrooms to be used more efficiently."


Designed by: Design Team Etude Co., LTD, Seoul

Head of Marketing: Jung Jae Won, Yu Cha Young

Product design: Sul Se Mi

Graphic Design: Kim Min Hee, Choi Ji Yee

Project Management: Jung Mi Jung

Strategic Planning: Yu Yeon Jeong

Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph

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