Featured image for The Dieline Package Design Awards 2013: Home, Garden, & Pets, Merit - GoFin

The Dieline Package Design Awards 2013: Home, Garden, & Pets, Merit - GoFin

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"GoFin is an aquarium food brand, which aims at creating an unexpected delightful moment for fish owners to enjoy while fish feeding. Too often, consumers find fish pellet packaged in lots of similar plastic containers form a sea of sameness and the labeling does not communicate with emotional conviction but usually looks rather like medical product instead of food for their beloved pet. Moreover, consider how these fish food containers might ironically end up being one of the billions of pounds of plastic debris in the world’s oceans – killing more fish."



GoFin is available in various formulations for different water climates - suitable for cold and warm water dwelling fish. The product contains different vitamins, natural colour enhancers, and ingredients that help improve digestion and allow optimal nutrient absorption.

The visual representation reveals after the paper box is opened, and each flavor of the pellet has its own “actual food” representation based on the ingredients. The package communicates by simply emphasizing its benefit and provenance, which makes a much easier choice of selection for the fish owners. No loud graphics – just tasty fish food is presented to bond to the customer’s sense of appetite, plus for the people to experience a small pleasurable moment when feeding their beloved fish."


Designed by Lok Kan Law, Kenneth Ho/ My Date with a Designer Inc.

Location: BC, Canada 

Placement: Merit 

Category: Home, Garden, & Pets 


Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph


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