Featured image for The Dieline Package Design Awards 2013: Home, Garden, & Pet, 3rd Place - Soda Stream Source Packaging

The Dieline Package Design Awards 2013: Home, Garden, & Pet, 3rd Place - Soda Stream Source Packaging

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SOURCE is the new carbonated water and soda machine for SodaStream, fully embodying 360-degree design and sustainability on an everyday level. With sustainability as central to SOURCE, the packaging needed to reflect this, making the choice and amount of materials key. "We started with a smaller footprint for the box overall, and with this the smaller form factor, more boxes fit on a shelf, ship more efficiently and, most importantly, we practice what we preach – less waste, more focus on what’s important. Additionally, we created a structure and packaging plan which eliminated additional packing materials, housing the water bottle in the back of the machine, aggregating all of the manual content into one book and affixing it to the front flap, using corrugated cardboard to hold it all in place."



"While creating a design that emphasized sustainability attributes, we did not sacrifice on the out of box experience for the user. The packaging is the first opportunity for the consumer to interact with the product and thus needs to create a lasting impression. The product design is monolithic, introduced through the unique opening of the box. When the box is set on the counter, the entire front flap drops open to reveal the iconic face of SOURCE. A tray pulls out to reveal the entirety of the machine on your counter. Once the bottle is removed from the back of the machine and attached, SOURCE is ready to go. This simple, intuitive unboxing allows the user to get to easily access what they really want, to start using their new SOURCE.

As people take pride in their kitchens, the product was designed to be beautiful from every angle. The packaging needed to convey this detailed consideration. The box echoes the raw to refined message central to the product, using kraft paper on the sides, and focuses on beautiful product photography on the front and back surface. We kept the branding minimal, choosing to focus on the product. The sides of the box give additional information about the what's included in the SOURCE kit, using simple messaging and fun graphics. High quality printing of the images with a UV spot coat contributed to a premium look and feel while still underscoring sustainability.

The SodaStream SOURCE packaging combines unique sustainability factors, iconic design and considered out of box experience to create a beautiful and exciting first impression of the product."


Designed by fuseproject

Location: San Francisco, CA, United States

Placement: 3rd 

Category: Home, Garden, & Pet


Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph

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