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Theodent Toothpaste

by Jessica Sanchez on 06/17/2013 | 2 Minute Read

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"The packaging design for Theodent, a revolutionary new toothpaste line, purports an extract from the cocoa bean as a non-toxic alternative to traditional toxic fluoride therapies. This toothpaste is for the discerning customer with its proprietary and patented active ingredient “Rennou”. With a new look for the oral care market, it recalls the aesthetics of the finest chocolate packaging."



"The nostalgic logotype is surrounded by classic filigree and an embossed emblem of a cacao pod. The copper foil provides a beautiful contrast against the chocolate-brown and crème-white tubes. The cap shines elegantly in a brilliant copper surface. The innovative shape of the honed tip dispenses the toothpaste in a perfectly dosed flat ribbon, to match the rectangular shape of a toothbrush head. Theodent aims to be the new gold standard in oral care."

Designed by Theodent, New Orleans

Creative Direction: Arman Sadeghpour

Graphic Design: Rencher Lann

Strategic Planning: Tetsuo Nakamoto, Joseph Fuselier

Project Management: Jantzen Hubbard

Photography: Theresa Cassagne, Anthony Verde

Tube Engineers: Jeffrey Hayet, Michael Furey

Box Printing: Karen Del Bianco

Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph

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