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Before & After: Gerber Good Start

by Diane Lindquist on 06/11/2013 | 2 Minute Read

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Nestlé Nutrition acquired the Good Start brand from Novartis International in 2007 and began the process to have the Good Start brand become part of the Gerber portfolio of products. By evolving the brand through two package redesigns over several years, Zack Group worked with Nestlé to achieve the goal of transitioning the Good Start brand to a Gerber master brand strategy.



The first redesign focused on evolving and simplifying the brand communication strategy while incorporating the Gerber “corner arch” branding system to the Good Start design strategy. The objective was to modify the Good Start logo, work with the brand color palette, and simplify communications & nutritional benefits. The result was a clean, less cluttered design strategy that visually aligned the Good Start brand into the Gerber family of products.

The final step in the migration strategy incorporated a new ergonomic canister structure along with graphic design modifications. Following a graphic design exploration, Zack Group arrived at a new Gerber master brand strategy that is now being used across Gerber branded products. The redesigned solution is easier to shop, approachable, and contemporary.

Designed by Zack Group, New York

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Editorial photograph

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