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Brew Tea Co. Whole Leaf Tea

by Diane Lindquist on 06/10/2013 | 2 Minute Read

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Brew Tea Co. Whole Leaf Tea were looking to expand into the retail sector, having firmly established themselves supplying tea wholesale to independent shops, museums, galleries and boutique hotels. The task was undertaken by Interabang, a new London design agency, founded by Adam Giles and Ian McLean. The Brew Tea Co. Whole Leaf Tea rebrand needed a new direction that clarified their offer: not complicated tea or weird tea, but better tea - both whole leaf tea bags and loose leaf.



"We wanted to express this no-nonsense approach, but also covey their enthusiasm and passion for brewing the perfect cup of tea that quickly became apparent during the familiarisation process. Bold, confident typography is offset by a vibrant palette and playful, unexpected icons to denote the seven flavours. The carefully selected contents were brought to the fore on the back of the pack along with the method for brewing the perfect cuppa.

The traditional tea card has been resurrected for the retail boxes, with series one consisting of a collectable set of 12 and more series to follow. The cards all feature activities to keep you occupied whilst brewing and a prompt to connect and share with Brew Tea Co. Whole Leaf Tea via social media.

The new brand is rolling out across the retail boxes, jars and pouch bags as well as online, uniform and POS."

Designed by Interabang, London, UK

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