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Hovelsrud Jam & Juice

by Richard Baird on 05/08/2013 | 2 Minute Read

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Every good drink starts with a story.  Every good jam has a beginning. This is the story and the beginning of Hovelsrud:

"Hovelsrud is a traditional 17th century Norwegian farm superbly located on the heart-shaped island of Helgøya, sitting in Mjøsa lake outside of Oslo. The house has been tastefully turned into a conference facility and eight-room guesthouse.

In 2011 Scandinavian Design Group created the identity for Hovelsrud, which plays with the sumptuous interior of heavily-decorated wallpapers wrapped in a simple pink wooden exterior, also echoing the award-winning renaissance-style gardens."



"The gardens produce delicious fruits and berries, and the jar labels show cold-pressed apples, tart currant juice, summery raspberry jam and gooseberry jam. Like the profile, the labels give a sense of authenticity and elegance. A limited amount of elements in combination with the see-through clear-on-clear labels allow the content to become part of the design. The rich pattern of the wallpaper from the identity is taken into the seal-labels on the juice and on the top lids of the jams. The highly structured layout of the design makes it easy to expand the range of products, as the garden flourishes with bountiful fruit and berries.

The products have received attention for both look and taste. The owners carefully select retailers that stand for good values and focus on pure ingredients. The sales are doing well, and being a small-scale supplier, the products are quickly selling out - leaving a sweet taste in the mouth."

Designed by Scandinavian Design Group


Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph