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by Jessica Sanchez on 05/27/2013 | 1 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

QNY Creative was invited to collaborate on reinvigorating the current UKI product line and take it in a new design direction. The brand identity of UKI was updated with new sleek more defined lines and a new visual identity. Showing splashes of bold color to represent the new exuberant direction of the product line. QNY explored colors and textures to make the line identifiable on shelves.

Complimented by a white background, the evergreen perfect canvas was used to show the explosion of colors and the graphics created for the new UKI.



UKI, a company in the Maletti Group which produces professional styling accessories for hair professionals. UKI's brand identity focuses on strong design, vibrant color and fashion forward thinking combined with a long-standing tradition of quality. Over the years, UKI has expanded to include various new brands in the same category and has developed spin-offs through a number of interesting partnerships with artists, designers and fashion houses.

Designed by QNY Creative


Editorial photographEditorial photograph