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The Dieline's Top 20 Playing Card Decks

by Tiffanie Pfrang on 05/22/2013 | 1 Minute Read

The Dieline team has selected Top 20 playing card deck designs that we have found over the years. Some, like Theory11's Animal Kingdom was designed for a good cause in mind - many tap into artistic styles and pop culture for inspiration. Each deck is unique in its own way. Those that are commercially produced are done with exquisite craftmenship - others more conceptual. We hope you enjoy our selection. Maybe you have one that we haven't discovered. Share with us!




1. Animal Kingdom


2. Artisan Black Edition + Artisan White Edition


3. Stranger & Stranger: The Ultimate Deck


4. JAQK Cellars


5. Solitaire exe.


6. Metrodeck


7. Student: Whimsical Playing Cards


8. Bicycle's Archangels


9. Bare Bones Playing Cards


10. Robocycle


11. CMYK Playing Cards

12. Steam Punk Playing Cards


13. Monarch + Monarch Silver


14. Dan & Dave, Smoke & Mirror


15. Misc. Good Co.


16. Sentinels Playing Cards


17. Bohemia Limited Edition Playing Cards


18. SO LA

19. Love Me


20. Dashwood Playing Cards



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