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by Tiffanie Pfrang on 04/09/2013 | 2 Minute Read

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Zicam partnered  Beardwood&Co in redesigning their pre-cold medicine for the hopes of ending the confusion in the cold medicine aisle. 



"Consumer confusion in the cold aisle required a redesign to make it more approachable, simple and bold. Zicam partnered with New York-based Beardwood&Co., specialists in branding and innovation, to redesign the line and establish a category of one. “We helped define this different segment,” says Julia Beardwood, founder, Beardwood&Co, “But, to be successful, we had to help consumers quickly sort through this myriad of products in the cold aisle and understand what Zicam is and when to take it.” No other product has claimed the Pre-Cold segment.

Once Beardwood defined the brand personality as: proactive, effective and trustworthy, they went to work on the goal of the redesign: to educate consumers. The first step was to create a Pre-Cold seal in the shape of a bulls-eye as a unifying element that clearly communicates preparedness and reassurance. The main benefit statement: “Reduces the Duration of a Cold” is prominently displayed under the bulls-eye. Zicam’s equities: the bold orange color, and blue on white brand identity were retained and enhanced for a more efficacious and modern feel."

“The redesigned packaging works harder to deliver Zicam’s message,” says Sarah Williams, partner/creative director, Beardwood&Co. “Yet, it’s simple and clear because we took an info-graphic approach and focused on absolute essential elements and jettisoned anything extraneous to greatly improve navigation and packaging hierarchy. Complex information is approachable and easy to understand without sacrificing details that consumers need to grab the right product off the shelf,” she adds. The Zicam product line includes 15 sku’s including Rapidmelt tablets, chewables, liquid lozenges, crystals packets and oral mist. The redesigned packages are currently rolling out nationwide.

Designed by Zicam, in partner with Beardwood & Co, New York 



Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph

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