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Shiner Premium Beer

by Jessica Sanchez on 04/30/2013 | 1 Minute Read

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"Shiner Premium is the original recipe from the Spoetzl Brewery, first brewed in 1909. Since then it’s been known by several names: Premium, Texas Special, Texas Export, Shiner Blonde.

Shiner Premium really came of age in Austin in the 1970s, where the underdog beer was a perfect fit in a town where uniqueness was celebrated.

So when Shiner decided to give the beer its original name back, it just made sense to give it a look that honored its heyday."



"In addition to new packaging, we’re launching an ad campaign to re-introduce Premium."



Packaging – Premium Bottle & Premium 6Pack


Designer: Craig Crutchfield

Copywriters: Brian Jordan, Kevin Dunleavy






Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph 

Editorial photograph