Urban Bakery

by Jessica Sanchez on 04/03/2013 | 2 Minute Read

"The Urban Bakery cookie range is one of those little discoveries on shelf that will charm its way into your shopping trolley. There are copy and visual delights in all manner of the design detail, including the printed inside, and cheeky “Oi, stop checking out my bottom!” on the base.

As promised on pack… 'this very unique box contains life altering cookies! (no, not that kind of cookie…)!'"



"What works is the combination of a cafe quality product, and a relaxed and quirky pack design which communicates ‘we are down to earth artisan cookie makers and all about the real thing.’ Even the cookies are wonderfully imperfect and wholesome. The concept being that they have a delicious handcrafted quality and are 'respectable enough to share with respectable friends – even those with a black belt in baking!'Brimming with personality and unpretentious charm, these premium cookies appeal to everyone. And to top it off, they’re endorsed by Dean Brettschneider, NZ’s celebrity baker.

As the Urban Bakery philosophy maintains… 'life’s too short for average cookies!'"

This range was designed by Brother Design Ltd in Auckland, New Zealand.

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