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by Richard Baird on 04/01/2013 | 2 Minute Read

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 "As part of an ongoing relationship, Plantronics reached out to Character to develop a new packaging system for their next generation of mobile communications products that would extend across their good/better/best product tiers. The exploration would include all aspects of the packaging, from structure, design and messaging through to materials selection and printing techniques."



"The new system needed to be sufficiently versatile to accommodate a variety of current and future products and display clear differentiation, both visually and structurally, between the different product tiers. The packaging also had to stand out in a highly competitive retail environment and of course resonate with the Plantronics target consumer.


Working closely with Plantronics internal ID team and armed with a solid strategy, Character embarked on a thorough creative exploration process.


Character and the ID team recommended that Plantronics change the way they display products, instead adopting a photo-realistic rendering approach. This enabled us to emphasize the product design, minimize the reliance on plastics and have more control over lighting and in-store presentation. In terms of messaging strategy, we recommended Plantronics lead with the product name and simplify the shopping experience using clear and focused messaging. To create differentiation across the three pricing tiers, we used a combination of varying materials and printing techniques.


The result was a entirely new design that was clean, sophisticated, and positioned Plantronics in a much more consumer-friendly light.


The project culminated with a packaging guidelines, a reference tool that the Plantronics team could use to extend the new system to all current and future products.


The new packaging system successfully launched to a global audience and is currently available in most big-box retailers, including, most recently, Apple stores in the US."


Designed by Character


Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph


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