Charlie’s Quenchers

by Jessica Sanchez on 04/01/2013 | 2 Minute Read

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"The previous Charlie’s Quenchers design was facing a few challenges.A few years back Charlie’s stood apart with its cheeky attitude and premium point of difference… “Honest to goodness juice with no fruit concentrate.”



"And although the brand has remained iconic in its spirited way, the gap separating it from competitors had been closing with new brands sporting similar personalities and consumers being unsure about the product differences.

It was time for a design refresh and for Charlie’s to gain independent new ground. The “larrikin” personality still needed to be strong, but visually the pack had to be more grown up to give the premium message some clarity.

Also, with so many products in the range and similar looking messages on the old label, distinguishing between variants was also becoming a challenge.

The new design clearly puts the Charlie’s logo first and foremost, but it’s cleverly integrated into a block of exuberant type which conveys Charlie’s spontaneous personality. And although quirky, it is very easy to navigate.

Now with a deceptively ‘simple and honest’ clear label, the many tantalising Quencher flavours are highlighted. This uncluttered design also makes the most of the Charlie’s emboss at the base of the proprietary bottle.

Charlie’s has now set itself apart from the competition again and got its mojo back. Like the bottle says “Just the good stuff.”This range was designed by Brother Design Ltd in Auckland, New Zealand. 



Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

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