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by Jessica Sanchez on 03/07/2013 | 3 Minute Read

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Natural ingredients specialist The Frank Food Company is revolutionising healthy snacking with the launch of its new Frank Bar. Frank is an honest, healthy and true ‘Free From’ snack product - which is genuinely substantial and tastes great, with an indulgent, rich flavour. The brand design has been created branding specialist and partner agency Robot Food."



The concept of the Frank Bar was developed by former Everton premiership footballer Neil Robinson, a committed vegan and health guru. For many years Neil was unable to find a cereal bar which suited his dietary and sporting needs. After developing his own recipe, he set out to find a team who could manufacture his tasty snack bar for the masses to enjoy.

Robot Food Design Director, Martin Widdowfield said: 

We’ve created a design, which reflects the rich and deep flavour experience of each product. The branding is direct, with a bullet point style asterisk following the brand name, linking Frank to the product’s many benefits. The brand font is repeated in all copy in a uniquely uncomplicated approach to on-pack messaging and each product variant heroed with simple differentiating ingredient photography.

The Frank bar is made from 100% natural ingredients. Its recipe incorporates some of the world’s finest ingredients, including certified gluten-free oats, velvety dates, opulent plums, rich natural fruit and full-bodied dark organic chocolate. Many of these ingredients are exclusive to this product in the UK.

Developed over many months, a hand crafted recipe and fine natural ingredients make Frank a superior tasting bar. The bar has a cakey fudge-like texture combined with a rich and indulgent taste. Frank is available in five flavours: Double Chocolate, Strawberry & Chocolate, Blueberry & Chocolate, Oat & Chocolate and Orange & Chocolate

Richard Wilson, MD at the The Frank Food Company said:

Frank Bar aims to revolutionise a bland and insatiable health food market. Consumers care about health, but they also want a snack bar that tastes good and has natural unadulterated ingredients, which fills them up. Our "gimmick free" Frank Bar has some of the best credentials on the market. It uses certain ingredients that are unique and exclusive and has a superior taste. It also has one of the lowest calorie contents in the sector, is high in fibre, is a source protein, is genuinely "Free From" and is "Energy Smart" accredited. It is pure and honest nutritional goodness. As a young company we needed a well considered and impactful brand and a design with real shelf shout. The team at Robot Food offer a similar blend of experience and determination to us, so working together seemed obvious."

Robot Food is a branding and packaging focused design agency, based in the center of Leeds. Creative partners Simon Forster and Mike Shaw formed it in January 2009 after 15 years of friendship that began at Art College.

The Frank Food Company Limited was founded in 2011 by Neil Robinson, who earned the accolade of being one of very few vegans to play football in the top flight (Everton FC).


Editorial photographEditorial photograph

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