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UNA Wine

by Richard Baird on 03/06/2013 | 2 Minute Read

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UNA is the official wine of the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy.

"Created to celebrate the history and culture of Italian wine country, following the combination of 20 wines from native grapes indicated by the Departments of Agriculture of all Italian regions, carefully selected from Assoenologi (Enotecnici Italian Winemakers Association), it expresses the true spirit of Itay, the love for their land, the expertise, art and industriousness of its people.

The bottles of wine bring with them a powerful and evocative load of incredible history and tradition. They combine the taste, the traditional shapes and the development of the knowledge of food preservation, continuously, without a feature prevailing over the others.

Drawing the bottle of wine for the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy was a journey to discovery identities and traditions of great charm. From the beginning the idea was to develop a strong identity design, almost an archetype of the wine bottle, but new and contemporary, which could communicate the different levels of suggestion of this work: the wine, the land, the tradition, unity, Italy. 

The couple is the symbol of unity itself, the two bottles evoke a male and a female, and so the red wine bottle is a strong man and the white wine bottle is a elegant and slender woman. We had a great research into the history of wine in our country and all over Europe.

The red wine bottle develops the classic red wine italian flask and the Bordeaux bottle shapes. The first probably is oldest and purely italian wine bottle, the second is the shape internationally accepted as the classic red wine container.

The white wine bottle is a redesign of the classic bottles for clear wine in our country. The box that protects them is precious, in ash, a tree which yields a valuable wood, spread throughout the italian peninsula. To open it you need a key, an instrument that symbolizes the precious wine in it. The key is the archetype of loyalty and trust towards the people they are entrusted to."

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