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by Jessica Sanchez on 03/05/2013 | 3 Minute Read

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"Believe it or not, all that fresh, smelly goodness you're holding in your hands right now (or better be…) started as a college design thesis. In 2007, I was finishing my BFA in graphic design, and one of my final projects gave me complete creative freedom in my absolute favorite field: packaging design."



"I wanted to create something that would be irresistible to me and my girlfriends--something that I felt was missing from the bath and beauty world. We love Anthropologie and J.Crew, the class of Audrey Hepburn, the humor of Kristen Wiig, the simple elegance of Kate Spade- anything that's beautiful and smells delicious.

Why does a good product have to be stuffy to be taken seriously? Why can't you be classy, luxurious, and have a great personality? We're more complex than that, and so are you! We want honesty, luxury, elegance, witty humor that makes us smile--something out of the ordinary to treat ourselves to and turn a mundane thing we use multiple times a day into something you look forward to. So, You Smell was born, all wrapped up in a lovely vintage inspired aesthetic.

After graduating, I started helping other small companies grow by crafting beautiful, smart packaging and design. You Smell went a bit viral and had its own plans for me. On the side, I did a small test run of bars that did great! By the end of the run, the president of Urban Outfitters had bought out what little bars we had left for a gala of his.It was time.

I was witnessing my client's success and constantly hearing them ask me why I didn't have my own product line. Like a toddler, You Smell was constantly getting into things on its own. Unlike a toddler, those things were magazines, rave reviews, and unbelievable press. I knew what had to be done...and oh, my, goodness--I was so excited to dive in and get our products to all of our likeminded fans around the globe!

Fast forward several months--we officially launched the company on February 3rd, 2012 with the airing of You Smell on Shark Tank, and a couple of months later, my fiance Aaron was able to join full time (yay!). You can imagine the amount of things that have happened due to Shark Tank--it has been quite an adventure, and we plan on making it one that continues! We are so thankful for all of our supporters who allow us to do what we love. In return, we will always do whatever it takes to make every aspect of your life a more fragrant experience. Just you wait--we've got some incredible products up our sleeve."

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Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph


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