Timion Greek Olive Oil

by Jessica Sanchez on 03/11/2013 | 1 Minute Read

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"Timion is one of the most present -relevant brand identities we have developed. At a time when Greece is openly criticized for misconducts, this brand identity adopts an unusually bold approach that verges on the humorous, while claiming a specific virtue as its very own differentiating quality."



"The logo design makes full use of the austerity implied by the brand name: honest, trustworthy, upstanding, are all properties indicated by the choice of fonts, the type of bottle, the clearly noted attributes of the product. Like an elixir, saved in modest, carefully measured proportions, the extra virgin olive oil of the laconian land travels abroad as a fine and well-kept secret of the old but not lost Greek tradition."

Designed by Mousegraphics


Editorial photographEditorial photograph


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