Say it With Cadbury

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Pearlfisher has created the brand strategy, naming, tone of voice, range identity and packaging design for the new chocolate gift range ‘Say it with Cadbury’.



"Embracing the brand’s spirit of Joyville, the new range aims to get chocolates back on the gifting radar by reconnecting with the joy at the heart of giving them as gifts.‘Say it with Cadbury’ needed to strike the right balance between the thought and care of the giver with the experience of pleasure and pride of the receiver.

The chocolate praline range features a heart and flower shaped box in 2 sizes, aiming, in the first instance, to target those searching for forthcoming Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day gifts respectively. The smaller boxes, or ‘Unplanned Tokens’, are based on the idea that the best gifts are unexpected. These little boxes of 8 chocolate pralines enable consumers to share the joy with spontaneous gestures that can act as top-ups to main gifts. The larger boxes, or ‘Thoughtful Surprises’, enable consumers to share the joy at key occasions throughout the year, with ready-to-gift chocolates that will be remembered forever.

Sarah Butler, Pearlfisher Creative Director commented, “ ‘Say it with Cadbury’ needed to bring a smile to the eyes by bringing joy back to gifting. The design needed to light up the category with light-hearted emotion and make the giving of Cadbury’s chocolates an easy pleasure.

Both the heart and the flower designs extend the colour and borders from the larger box to the smaller box range of the same shape. The vibrant colour palettes of each design create stand out on shelf and appeal to those looking to buy gifts for key occasions. Whilst the vibrant pink and purple of the heart initially appeals to consumers looking for Valentine’s Day gifts and the spring-like yellow and green of the flower is perfect for Mother’s Day, the versatile colours and messaging on-pack mean they are an ideal gift for any occasion throughout the year.

The brand’s tone of voice aims to delight, without ever trying too hard. Front of pack messages offer a fresh look at everyday sentiments and deliver simple lines, such as ‘With Love’ and ‘Thank You’ to raise a smile. Secondary messages, such as ‘Give Your Heart’ and ‘Pick Me’ on the SRPs and layer inside the box, introduce more intensely playful, joyful language, demonstrating the specially considered Joyville touch that has gone into every gift.”

The first of the new ‘Say it with Cadbury’ range is now available in stores nationwide."

Designed by Pearlfisher

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