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Spotlight: Make & Matter

by Diane Lindquist on 01/22/2014 | 4 Minute Read

Make & Matter was founded in 2011 by designer, Trina Bentley. Her goal was simple: To MAKEdesign, create, explore and discover. And to MATTER – to our clients and the success of their brands.  Located in Austin, Texas - known famously for their slogan "Keep Austin Weird" - the small studio and shop focuses on packaging design and building brands. Their design philosophy is simple and strategic and their work is considered, crafted. Their packaging and designs strives to make strong connections between design and people - and on boy, do they do! 

All projects below are designed by Make & Matter, Austin, Texas, USA


Epic is a line of 100% grass fed animal protein bars. The packaging combines found etchings and typography inspired by a different era. The space and layout give a sense of something that is grand – and of course, epic – on a very small scale.

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

1876 Vodka

1876 is a crisp, clean vodka, handmade in the Texas Hill Country. The goal for the redesign of their label was to create something that felt crafted and understated. Using the well (a mainstay for the brand) as a central point, we developed a mix of hand drawn lines and layered textures to create a label that was authentic and refined.

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The Hot Dang

The Hot Dang is a vegetarian burger patty made from grains, nuts and oats. The package utilizes stock white boxes with printed wrap around labels. The goal was to take a fresh, more fun, approach to an all-natural product. Bright colors and graphic typography were used to attract attention while casual copy adds personality and tells the story behind the name, "Hot Dang".

Editorial photographEditorial photograph


Primizie is a line of fantastically addicting crispbreads. Their package design is a delicate balance of product shots (showing a variety of topping ideas) and prioritized copy callouts.

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Bernie's Burger Bus

Bernie's Burger Bus is a favorite food truck/bus in Houston. For the design of their new ketchup label, color and texture to create a handcrafted feel, while typography give it a retro, old school vibe.

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World Peas

World Peas is a line of all natural green pea snacks. A brand that feels approachable and well traveled. The oversized typography and bold color usage make the product a clear standout on the shelf. 

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

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