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Deloitte Digital - Awesome Sauce

by Jessica Sanchez on 12/31/2013 | 2 Minute Read

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"A taste of awesome, Deloitte Digital style. You've heard of awesome sauce. But have you ever tasted it?"

Deloitte Digital created a unique hot sauce to celebrate a year as a global brand. A team effort, each design was created by each designer on the team. Read more after the jump!

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In 2013, Deloitte Digital rang in its first year as a global brand. As part of the celebrations, in-house designers laid on the awesome sauce real thick—literally—with boxes and boxes of custom-crafted hot sauce bottles.

"We wanted to create something that was elegant and reflected our brand, that was also a bit tongue in cheek. Each designer had to balance a fine line where our product was exquisitely created, but the humor still came across,” 

- Pat Broadgate, Deloitte Digital art director.

The team designed seven flavors of hot sauce bottles, one to represent each of Deloitte Digital’s client offerings. Each design interpreted the offering and the flavor in a unique way, using a newly revised brand color palette. The finished set struck a balance that portrayed each designer’s individual aesthetic, the Deloitte Digital visual brand, and a playful statement on who Deloitte Digital is and what the agency offers.

“Deloitte Digital is building a unique brand identity from larger Deloitte. This project was meant to show that off—highlighting our playful side and the design-oriented capabilities that are critical to the digital marketing industry we’re building a presence in.”

- Kim Morgan, Deloitte Digital Marketing and Pursuits team lead.

Hot sauce sets were created and sent to media outlets and reporters as part of a larger media strategy to increase awareness of the Deloitte Digital brand.


Kim Morgan, Chipotle Wowza Web Sauce

Marry Tonnu, Rojo Fiery Social Sauce & Cajun Habanero Sharp Strategy Sauce

Brittany Mcfarland, Mango Pineapple Sweet Digital ERP Sauce

Pat Broadgate, Caribbean Lime Fresh Digital Content Sauce & Garlic Sarano Hot Mobile Sauce

Preston Grubbs, Ghose Chili + Extract Smokin' Design Sauce

Copywriters: Aaron Kirscht, Siri Anderson

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

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