The Dieline's Holiday Gift Guide

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Our team of editors have put together our very first Holiday Gift Guide! The goal was to curate a selection of dream designer gifts, for designers (and their loved ones!), all in drop dead gorgeous packaging.

It is our dream wishlist of our favorite products we use, love, obsess over, and have featured here on The Dieline. And best of all, most of our selections are available for purchase online.

Check out our editor's selections For Him, For Her, For The Home, For The Bookworm, For The Foodie, and For The Designer.

Happy Holidays from all of us at The Dieline! 

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1. Gentlemen's Hardware 13' Case $60

Featured: June 2013 / Available Online

2. Bellroy - Hide and Seek Wallet $89.95

Featured: March 2011 / Available Online

3. HollenWolff Self-Retaining Cuffinks $495

Featured: June 2013 / Available Online

4. Golden Road Hefeweizen

Featured: January 2013 / Available at Select Retailers

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"The Jambox is the perfect gift for any music lover - this wireless speaker is portable, sleek, and offers major sound.  It easily syncs with your devices and can even be used as a speaker phone. I take my Jambox to the beach, on trips, or use it for impromptu get-togethers. It’s also one of my must-haves when I travel - easily fitting in my carry-on and always inspiring me to make the perfect playlist before heading on a trip!"
- Ivan Navarro 


5. Big Jambox $299.99

Featured: June 2011 (Jambox) / Available Online

6. Urbanears Pendleton $79.90

Featured: November 2009 / Available Online

7. Gentlemen's Hardware Pen Knife $30

Featured: June 2010 / Available Online

8. Ursa Major Face Balm $38/ Shave Cream $26

Featured: November 2010 / Online Balm / Shave Cream

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" Marc Jacobs once again has amazed us with the launch of this beautiful cosmetic line that has debuted with 120 products. Give Marc Jacobs cosmetics as a gift to any beauty lover - with the sleek chrome black packaging inspired by “the spirit of the girl” this gift exudes bold confidence, sophistication and overall chic-ness! Now what naughty or nice girl wouldn’t want that for the holidays? "

- Jessica Sanchez


1. Formula X - The Twenty-Two $55

Featured: Oct 2013 / Available at Sephora

2. LUSH Little Green Bag $ 25.95

Featured: June 2013 / Available at LUSH Cosmetics

3. Marc Jacobs Beauty

The Showstopper 7-Piece Holiday Set $89

Featured: July 2013 / Available at Sephora

4. Marc Jacobs Beauty

Tonite Lights Glitter Dust $32

Featured: July 2013 / Available at Sephora

5. Marc Jacobs Beauty Lovemarc - Lip Gel in Showstopper $30

Featured: July 2013 / Available at Sephora

6. Marc Jacobs Beauty Lightshow Luminizing Powder $59

Featured: July 2013 / Available at Sephora

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7. Daily Concepts $10-$16

Featured: July 2013 / Available Online

8. Livework - iphone5 Case $36

Available in stores at Poketo, Los Angeles

9. Urbanears Headphones - Plattan / Lilac $59.90

Previous Model Featured: November 2009 / Available Online

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1. Rock Me Archimedes  $34.99

Featured: November 2012 / Available Online

2. Corkcicle Colors  $24.95

Featured: Sept 2013 / Available Online

3. Lite & Cycle Candles Lavender  $36 - $68

Featured: Oct 2013 / Available Online

4. Sea Salt Soap / Seaweed Soap  $7

Featured: July 2013 / Available at Poketo

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"We recently outfitted The Dieline's office space with Urbio. We have a very small space, Urbio allowed us to take all of the stuff that was crowding our desks and beautifully organize it vertically on the wall. It has expanded our workspace, and looks incredible. I love being able to bring some greenery into our space as well."

-Andrew Gibbs

5. Johnathan Adler Muse Collection

Salt and Pepper Shakers $48

Featured: May 2013 / Available Online and in Stores

6. Urbio - $15-$175

Featured: September 2013 / Avaialble Online

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1. Shadow Type: Classic Three-Dimensional Lettering

Featured: September 2013 / Available on Amazon

2. Brand Thinking by Debbie Millman 

Available on Amazon

3. Why Shrinkwrap a Cucumber?:

The Complete Guide to Environmental Packaging

Available on Amazon

4. Elegantissima: The Design and Typography of Louise Fili

Available on Amazon

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5. Malcolm Gladwell: Collected

Featured: November 2011 / Available on Amazon

6. Self Portrait as Your Traitor by Debbie Millman

Featured: October 2013 / Available on Amazon

7. Little Book of Lettering by Emily Gregory

Available on Amazon

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"I recently brought California Square's Cabernet Sauvignon to a family gathering. Being a family that appreciates good design and great wine, I knew it was going to be a hit. The bottle was passed around to be admired - and when the cork came out, there wasn't an empty glass.

The Cabernet would make a fine addition to any gift basket of gourmet cheeses and spreads, or bring a bottle of the Chardonnay or the Red Blend to your Holiday dinners! "

- Tiffanie Pfrang 

1. California Square $19.99

Featured: September 2013 / Available at Total Wines

2. Little Boo Boo Bakery Marshmallows $7.99

Featured: October 2013 / Available Online

3. Mast Brothers Chocolate Bars  $9

Featured: February 2008 / Available at Poketo

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4. Früute Gourmet Cookies

Featured: November 2013 / Available Online

5. Handsome Coffee - Wooden Gift Box $65

- special edition gold logo coffee mug

- a bag of limited release micro-lot from Javier Cantillo

Featured: December 2011 / Available Online

6. Puff's Preserves Boozy Jam

Apple Beer Cardamom/ Blackberry Bourbon Lavender

Featured: October 2013 / Available at Puff's Preserves

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1. Lumi Co.'s Inko Dye  $29.95

Featured: July 2013 / Available Online

2. Poppin

Monogram note books $6 + Signature Pen $14

Featured: May 2013 / Available Online

3. House Industries Alphabet Factory Blocks  $70

Featured: January 2013 / Available at Poketo

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"Being a beer connoisseur and a designer, at first sight of Field Notes Colors: Drink Local Limited Edition I just melted in delight. The colors of crops Pale Ale and even their Burton Ale notebook (that I can write my creative ideas on) make it an incomparable gift for your beloved beer connoisseur and designer."

- Diane Lindquist


4. Field Notes Colors

“DRINK LOCAL” Edition $9.95 per 3 Pack

Featured: October 2013 / Available Online

5. Red Monarch Playing Cards $6.95

Featured: November 2013 / Available Online

6. Scrabble Typography 2nd Edition $199.99

Featured: November 2013 / Available Online

7. Balancing Blocks $50

Featured: July 2013 / Available at Poketo 

8. Tattly "Everything" $250

Featured: August 2013 / Available Online


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