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David Yurman for Patrón Añejo Dagger Bottle Stopper, Limited Edition

by Diane Lindquist on 12/11/2013 | 2 Minute Read

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Branding and design agency Mode Design Group (MDG) has teamed up with world famous jeweler David Yurman and powerhouse tequila brand Patrón to create a custom, limited edition David Yurman for Patrón Añejo Dagger Bottle Stopper for the 2013 holiday season. This is the second limited edition design collaboration MDG has created for Patrón tequila.The new collectible bottle accessory is crafted exclusively for Patron Anejo by Evan Yurman, Chief Design Director for David Yurman men's and timepiece collections. Patron's relationship with Yurman emerged from a shared commitment to understated luxury, meticulous craftsmanship and masculine elegance. Die cast in solid metal and electroplated in gun metal and 24K gold, the bottle stopper is an exceptional two-toned sword featuring elaborate metal carvings inspired by those depicted on the hand guards of 18th century Japanese Samurai swords; a reflection of Yurman's love for unique and rare objects, artwork and artifacts. Like Patron Anejo, Yurman's bottle stopper is bold, intricate and truly distinct.





MDG facilitated the collaboration between the brands, resulting in remarkable branding, logo and package design. The product hit stores in November 2013.

Designed by David Yurman & Mode Design Group, New York, NY, USA

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

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