Introducing The Dieline Conference 2014

by Diane Lindquist on 11/06/2013 | 2 Minute Read



Successful brand managers and designers understand the value of starting with the package first. At The Dieline Conference 2014, you’ll discover how to gain recognition and respect by articulating what your design means to a brand. The Dieline’s Andrew Gibbs has gathered forward-thinking designers from brands like The Fresh Market and Method to share case studies, discuss hot topics like interactive and sustainable package design and help you communicate to your brand target, every time.

Malcolm Gladwell, Dan Pink, and Stefan Sagmesiter are just some of the headliners at HOW Design Live who are available to The Dieline and Big Ticket attendees. Some of The Dieline conference speakers include Min Lew of Base Design, Sebastian Padilla of Anagrama, and Deena Keller of Method Products.

25 experts – ranging from creative directors to educators – across the areas of fashion, lifestyle, and mass consumer products will assemble from May 12th-16th, 2014 at The Hynes Convention Center in Boston to discuss design topics as they relate to the package design industry.

2014 will mark the 4th year of The Dieline Conference and will focus on the emerging and evolving roles of package designers. Representing a diverse group of new and veteran designers, hailing from domestic and international agencies alike, each speaker will lend their expertise through sessions crafted around this theme. The newly launched website features the current conference schedule, along with speaker session topics, and background.

The full schedule can be viewed here.


The Dieline Conference has become the leading design conference focused solely on the package design industry and package designers. The Dieline Conference is an extension of, the popular design site and the world’s most visited website on package design.


HOW Design Live is a five-day intensive gathering of creative professionals who are seeking inspiration, information and instruction from both industry leaders and creative peers in order to do outstanding work and build a successful career. HOW Design Live’s programming is divided into five conferences, including The Dieline Conference.


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