Knock on Wood

by Jessica Sanchez on 11/05/2013 | 2 Minute Read

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A group of Calgary Designers working in the architecture industry started a Kickstarter campaign based on the intricacy of US currency.

The final design is one third pop-art graphic piece, and third industrial design object, and one third packaging in itself. Furthermore, the project emphasizes the notion of handcrafting objects and graphic design. Attached are photos that will give you a sense of what the project is."

Check out thier Video Below!



"As designers in the architecture and interior design industry, we find ourselves constantly knocking on wood for that extra bit of proverbial luck during all of our projects. No matter what. a little bit of luck along the way doesn't hurt.

Up to this point, we've benign knocking on a historic block of wood reclaimed from an earlier construction project, and we nicknamed it 'Lucy.' But we wanted something to better showcase our design background, and something that looked a little bit better on our desk.

So we thought. "What could we design that would be symbolic of this ritual? And how can we carry on the legacy of Lucy""

We started with the goal of designing an art object based on elaborate graphics and modern aesthetic, and then we began sketching designs based on the intricacy of U.S.currency and bearer bonds.

These sketches transferred to computer graphic files which we used to engrave wood blocks. We thought, "Wood blocks aren't enough, what else do you need luck for?" How about a poker game?" Done.

Designed by Wesley Tran, Calgary


Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph

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