Studio Spotlight: BVD

by Diane Lindquist on 11/19/2013 | 8 Minute Read

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BVD is a design and branding agency specialized in strategic studio located in Stockholm, Sweden - whose design philosophy the following: 

"Sim­plify to clar­ify. Together with our clients, we move brands and make them inno­v­a­tive, sus­tain­able and con­tin­u­ously prof­itable. We believe that dia­logue, hon­esty, inclu­sion and hard work are key ele­ments when cre­at­ing good and last­ing design."

Together with our clients, BVD move brands and make them innovative, sustainable and continuously profitable. To them design is a powerful strategic tool and they know that a successful project does not only require exceptional creativity, but also thoughtful analysis, a high level of business orientation and in depth knowledge of market conditions. Through the years BVD have delivered a vast number of successful design projects for leading global brands with outstanding, measurable results.

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All projects below are designed by BVD, Stockholm, Sweden


"Apolosophy is a newly developed premium brand based on Apotek Hjärtat’s philosophy of health and well-being. Concept, logo and packaging design were developed to give customers an offer of highest quality to an accessible price. Carefully chosen ingredients packaged in a conscious way. Trustworthy, tactile and timeless."

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"More and more we choose a quick sandwich, wrap or salad for lunch. But if you are in a hurry, it can be difficult to see what is hidden in the packaging and tricky to find what you are looking for. Is the food fresh? Is it healthy? With new packaging 7-Eleven and Pressbyrån in Sweden want to enhance their fast food range."

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"By updating the design of the coffee concept, Swedish 7-Eleven wanted to change customer perceptions towards the more modern and urban. The coffee experience is characterized by speed and easy access as well as a sense of micro pause.

The choices of colours, materials and details were made to balance a quick buying process with a comfortable coffee break. The use of colour was in a way predefined. The green is the base colour from the identity of 7-Eleven and works well as a warm, friendly signal in the store environment. It points out the counter as the central part of the store. The orange and red colours are also from existing identity palette and are used as accent colours to bring life and activity to the green world. Communication and signage were designed to enable easy as well as inspiring way finding and product selection. Cups, bags and packaging were developed where the iconic stripes have been used as starting points for playful yet bold treatments of each identity carrier."

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Blossa Glögg

"Blossa Glögg annual edition is an important member of the Blossa family. It is launched every year with a new flavour and design. The aim of the vintage mulled wine is to generate awareness of Blossa Glögg ahead of the mulled wine season and drive sales across the whole range. ?The design needs to capture the essence of the year’s flavour and be unique and alluring. Solution A bottle that is shorter and rounder than other Blossa Glögg products. The shape of the bottle is kept from year ?to year, with the colours and typography changing to reflect that particular year’s design and flavor."

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Absolut Pear & Ruby

"Within extremely strict parameters in terms of form and function, the design was to be unique and innovative, capturing the personality of the product. At the same time it had to be perceived as an obvious member of the Absolut Vodka family. Through the design, the product was to help Absolut to “own” the pear flavor in the market for flavoured vodkas.

The starting point for the design solution was the colour signal and the elegant, organic shape of the pear. Using the iconic bottle shape, the design creates an optical illusion of a pear. A traditional shape in a more unconventional way. The design solution is technically efficient, which is important for production.

The warm red colour comes from the palette of the ruby grapefruit itself. The round, geometric shapes on the outside of the bottle are inspired by the way you cut up and serve the fruit. The technique of printing the warm red shapes using a transparent ink on an etched bottle creates a sense of depth that became the hallmark of the design. The solution is technically efficient, which is important for production."

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Beckers Scotte

"At the same time as the logotype was updated, new packaging was developed for Beckers professional paint and spackle products. The products needed a more consistent expression in line with the overall corporate identity. Furthermore, the packaging design had to enable a faster, simpler and more secure way for the painter to find the right product.

Design system for more than 50 products.

As painters all use the same industry standard codes for paint gloss and type of spackle, we used these as the basis for the design system. Considered selection of design elements used on the white space enables clear product navigation. The crisp typeface created for Beckers emphasizes the brand values and premium quality of the products."

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Lemonaid & Charittea

"The drinks market is extremely competitive and it is hard for new products to come on the market and be seen, which makes the packaging especially important in this category. The design should draw attention to itself and simultaneously be unique and “iconic”, timeless and modern. It should signal good quality but not premium and luxury. Simultaneously the design should effectively challenge the conceptions of how “charity products” and organic products should look. The product should be in demand and bought by everyone, not only those who actively look for organic goods or normal consumers who buy on impulse because of a bad conscience. 

The oversized logo that encircles the bottle arouses curiosity and shows the bottle as a three-dimensional object, instead of using the front and back in a traditional way. The aim of this clear and eye-catching design is to reach out to a young, urban consumer and also to make itself noticed in the intense environment of everyday shop surroundings. The cross in the logo naturally refers to the product’s charity mission. 

Charitea’s totally white symbol – a tea leaf or a drop – hovers harmonically over the logo. Elegant, but eyecatching nonetheless. The products included in the series of freshly-brewed organic teas are distinguished through their simple name: Charitea black, Charitea red and Charitea green, that of course refer to the different types of tea. Charitea is designed for the healthconscious and socially committed consumer. A drink with a conscience. A good drink!"

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"Electrolux needed a graphic identity and packaging solution for the Ultrasilencer Special Edition Pia Wallén. It needed to mirror Pia Wallén’s own interpretation of the product, inspired by the quiet sound of falling snow. A typographically based identity was created and applied directly onto the vacuum in a light grey tone. The packaging was turned “inside-out”. The interior has a white, glossy surface, encasing the vacuum, and the exterior is brown, natural cardboard. “Special Edition Ultrasilencer Pia Wallén” was screen-printed on the outside of the package in white and orange in order to create an industrial expression in contrast with the white perfectionism of the vacuum."

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