by Diane Lindquist on 10/12/2013 | 2 Minute Read

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Introducing ABSOLUT CHICAGO, the latest limited-edition, a city-inspired flavor to join the ABSOLUT portfolio. "Capturing the essence of the city's thriving culinary scene, ABSOLUT CHICAGO features a savory blend of olive and rosemary and a bottle that showcases the iconic cityscape, stemmed from a collaboration with Chicago's own Threadless design community, [artwork created by Ross Bruggink.]

ABSOLUT CHICAGO celebrates a city that is grounded in history and tradition yet constantly looking to the future. From Neoclassical architecture to the country's largest skyscraper. From old-school hot dog joints and Italian beef to a thriving culinary scene. From soulful blues and jazz dives to modern rock and hip-hop festivals. The city is a dynamic, vibrant mecca, continuously striving toward improvement while never forgetting from where it came.

The bottle artwork, a crowd-sourced design that captures the city's iconic cityscape, stems from a collaboration with Chicago's own Threadless, an online design community of 200,000+ graphic designers and illustrators.

'The bottle represents all of the iconic elements of Chicago (hot dog, ferris wheel, pigeon, theatre sign, etc.) while presenting the iconic nature of the architecture itself. The result is a stylized cityscape incorporating architectural and iconic elements of Chicago!'

- Ross Bruggink, Designer of 'The Cityscape'"




Designed by Ross Bruggink in collaboration with Absolut Vodka + Threadless

Editorial photograph

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

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