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Before & After: Primary Select

by Diane Lindquist on 11/11/2013 | 3 Minute Read

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"Can you reposition our budget retail brand? Angle did by going back to the drawing board and redesigns the packing for frozen meat retail brand Primary Select. Hot off the press from China – or freezing cold in this case, are Angle's new zip-lock pack designs for Primary Select frozen meats."

"Primary Select is a frozen meat retail brand belonging to Farmlands Industries, a food trading company that specialize in meat and other food products for wholesalers, retailers, processors and the food service industry in New Zealand. Farmlands approached Angle to help reposition Primary Select from it's current budget brand status, to become a high quality brand that communicates 'finest quality consumer ready meat products.'"



The redesigned packaging helps the brand live up to its name, Primary Select, by drawing inspiration from the 'specials' chalkboard seen at traditional butchers shops. Chalky-looking, hand crafted typography, borders and illustrations dominate the solid blue front of each pack, printed with a completely matte finish. The zip-lock bag adds a new convenience factor and the back of each pack features a large, clear window. Each pack has unique typography and an individual border style that is repeated on the clear window on the back, containing safe handling instructions.

To achieve the convincing chalkboard look and feel, full size typographic layouts were supplied to an illustrator and each layout was hand rendered and scanned for the final artwork. Sometimes going back to the drawing board is just what's needed.

To create a contemporary twist on tradition, traditional weight symbols, simple illustrations like the meat cleaver and slightly retro, shadowed typography suggest the traditional butcher's chalkboard but applying the designs to powerful blue packs at large scale gives each a modern twist.

The old clear packs had stickers applied to the outside. Freezer presence was poor and the stickers could damage easily. The result of the new design is a vast improvement to the visibility of the packs in the freezer and a revitalized brand that is finding favour with major supermarket buyers and household shoppers because of its superior presence, aspirational styling and unambiguous labeling.

Nine packs have been produced to date with various select cuts of Pork, Lamb, Chicken and Goat. All are 300 x 400mm in size."

Designed by Angle, New Zealand Creative Director: Rob Holloway

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