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by Tiffanie Pfrang on 10/09/2013 | 7 Minute Read

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"Supperstudio, creates, develops, and produces ideas. We offer communication services for brands and friends. We are an agency with a creative profile. We are multi-tasking, independent, experienced, structured, well established, and we have ambition and above all creativity.

In 2013, we’ll celebrate our 10th birthday! It might not sound like a big deal, but for us it’s huge! Over the course of these ten years, we’ve worked with both ‘big’ and ‘small’ brands. But we’ve come to one conclusion - for us, size doesn’t matter. Big companies? Great. Small companies? Brilliant! We always love working with big ideas: big, very big…

So how did we get here? We mixed together one part talent with one part vision and copious amounts of dedication. This is our secret. We count on our own teams, in our headquarters in Madrid and Bilbao"

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All projects by Supperstudio, Spain  

Eroski Cooking / 2013/ Client: Eroski 

"An innovative project; a new method of cooking in three steps. First, choose your main dish. Then choose your accompaniments, and lastly, finish it off with a sauce. For the packaging design, we went for a simple, ‘handmade’ look, helping us to explain how easy it is to prepare Eroski Cooking dishes. The packaging design include a QR code, a motion graphic called Haciendo Cooking where the consumer can understand the Eroski Cooking concept."

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EroskiChocolate / Client: Eroski 

Packaging design for black chocolate with cocoa seeds and cocoa essence.

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Digestives Cookies / Client: Eroski 

"Packaging design for the Eroski Digestive biscuits. With wheat or oats, the design features

an image and a light overflowing."

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Children's cereals / Client: Eroski

"Eroski children’s cereals make for a wild and fun start to your day, thanks to the animals in your own special zoo. We selected an animal and a strong colour for each, in keeping with the marketing angle for the product, which is direct and simple. As an added bonus, each animal can be cut out and assembled, giving consumers a truly wild experience."

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Eroski Slice bread / 2011/ Client: Eroski 

"The energy, size, and natural element of Eroski’s new range of sliced bread inspired us when developing its packaging. A fun, colourful proposal where the illustrations instantly portray the message of the product."

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Eroski Special Salts / 2008 / Client: Eroski

Limited edition pack of special salts for the partners in the Eroski general meetings. A modern design to go with unique salts; nothing conventional about them. A geometric black and white shapes play off each other, broken up with a red line, the key colour of the brand. A hint of the brand’s presence, with a lot of personality.

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Eroski Nappies/ 2012/ Client: Eroski 

"An innovative example in nappy design. A new colour, not yet used for this type of product, and animal illustrations are the key elements for the packaging design. A marketing strategy which involved recognising the target market and the more playful side of this area. A call to discover new experiences at each stage.

An innovative example in nappy design. A new colour, not yet used for this type of product,and animal illustrations are the key elements for the packaging design. A marketingstrategy which involved recognising the target market and the more playful side of thisarea. A call to discover new experiences at each stage." 

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Crusoe Treasure / 2012 / Client: Bajoelagua Factory

Visual identity and packaging for the first wine aged underwater. The logo, screen-printed directly onto the bottle, depicts the marine origin of the product. For the packaging, the use of natural, simple materials represents the essence of this exclusive wine, a real treasure which must be protected.

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Hacienda Ibérica / 2009

"Brand design and packaging for the range of select oils from Hacienda Ibérica. The classic iconography used in the design complements and clarifies the message that the brand wants to put across. An example of tradition adapted to the 21st century. An elegant marketing strategy which truly reflects the history of the product. A vintage design"

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Ysios & Ion fiz / 2009

"The design of this limited edition is the fruit of the collaboration between Ysios wineries and the fashion designer Ion Fiz. The label represents the world of a couturier with a collage-style design, showing all aspects of the creative process. A project which highlights the artisanal qualities of both disciplines."

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Manjart / 2008 / Client: Multifood

"For Manjart we designed a marketing strategy where each dish tells a story. For each one we developed a funny slogan to convey the essence of the product. A direct and genuine presentation method. To give it more personality, we incorporated strong colours, which help to differentiate the products." 

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Anticellutite products / 2012 / Client: Belle

"A clear campaign against cellulite. Strength, precision, and action in a single letter. A powerful logo, which conveys in an instant the product’s merits. The challenge was to come up with a contemporary look, positioning Belle’s new range of anti-cellulite products alongside other brands, incorporating attributes such as experience, confidence, and efficacy."

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Belle Colour Mousse / 2013 / Client: Belle

"Packaging design for Belle’s new range of permanent hair colours with a ‘mousse’ texture. An urban style for modern women who don’t have much time to spare. Black and white images, where the juxtaposed textures let the hair colouring be the star. A direct marketing approach to convey the essence of the product."

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Le Premium/ 2011/ Client: If perfumerías

Brand and packaging design for this range of select cosmetics. A line of anti-ageing treatments with multi-active properties. For the design, we decided on one unique colour to differentiate the proposal. A sophisticated line which conveys the brand’s values and can be easily recognised.

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