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Cuvée Olivier Chablis

by Diane Lindquist on 10/07/2013 | 1 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

Olssøn Barbieri was tasked with designing the packaging of Domaine de Vauroux's latest addition to its family vineyard, Cuvée Olivier Chablis.

Cuvée Olivier Chablis is an elegant and pure French wine and their packaging needed to match its taste. Since Domaine de Vauroux was establish in the 1960, the era that André Courrèges (the French fashion designer) debuted and made stripes a French icon - it was only right that Cuvée Olivier Chablis carried this connection. The paper selected was specifically chosen to feature a hot *folied in gold. The sheep, grape, and grain illustration on the logo are all traits of the vineyard.



Designed by Olssøn Barbieri, Oslo, Norway

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

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