Studio Spotlight: Perky Bros

by Diane Lindquist on 10/31/2013 | 4 Minute Read

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The business name 'Perky Bros' was originally established in 1883 as a transfer and storage company in Kansas City, MO by Daneil Jefferson Perky and his brother Albin. The service was changed in 2009 (when Perky Bros was reestablished) to a company that helps brands gain clarity, value, and distinction through design.

"We create visual identities, websites, packaging, print materials and any odd or end necessary to create an authentic experience. Working with every type of company, from startups to more established brands, we like to keep our approach flexible. Regardless of what we’re tackling, we strive to offer solutions built on plain-spoken, ambitious ideas—always grounded in research and meticulously crafted in their execution."

Their style is fresh and some might call it "hispter," but these Perky Bros—run and created by Jefferson Perky, Creative Director, and Brett Warren, Designer and Photographer—take it to the next level.


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All projects below are designed by Perky Bros LLC, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

N° Six Depot

No. Six Depot is a family owned, small-batch coffee roaster and café nested in the beautiful Berkshires.

Located in a historic train station on 6 Depot St, they serve teas, salts and coffee from small farms and roast on location. Their identity juxtaposes a mix of unique rural and modern elements — drawing inspiration from their own backyard railroad and unique approach to keeping it simple and making it true.

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Red Kap

Red Kap asked us to create a lasting imprint on their top 300 apparel distributors with the release of their new Crew Shirt. Instead of merely offering it as a sample, we chose to tell a story. We found 300 hard working people, from mechanics to machinists, and put them to the test. We collected, cleaned and took feedback. Finally, the shirt was repackaged and repurposed as a powerful selling tool, tested and endorsed by the wearers themselves.

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Dogshells is an all natural calcium supplement for dogs made from 100% recycled eggshells.

Inspired by their repurpose/reuse philosophy, we created an on-demand, stamp-based stationery and sample system so they could create exactly what they need when they need it. Rather than typical disposable packaging, their jars are durable and made to last—silkscreened on glass and ready to be used once they’re empty.

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Miss Cordelia's

Miss Cordelia’s is the neighborhood grocery of Mud Island in Memphis, TN.

They approached us to refresh their visual identity and packaging to more accurately communicate the store’s market fresh, homespun brand. The design utilizes simple, quality materials found in homespun goods and contrasts it with the elegance of a southern matriarch’s home.

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