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Before & After: Hirsch

by Tiffanie Pfrang on 10/03/2013 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

"Crafted one small batch at a time, HIRSCH SMALL BATCH RESERVE  is an artisanally produced, hand crafted Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. This fine bourbon demonstrates a combination of precise distillation techniques, careful barrel selection, and patience over maturation. Bottled only when the master distiller is completely satisfied with the quality of the finished product, Hirsch proudly presents this whiskey at between four and six years old.

Anchor Distilling asked Michael Osborne Design to redesign the packaging to bring the brand to life on shelf, in your hand and on the bar."




Hirsch previous design doesn't reflect the quality and artistry that went into the product.  The overused of competing type faces disrupts the flow of information. Distracting and generic design elements doesn't convey any uniqueness of a specialty product. 

Editorial photograph


MODSF brought the brand to life by essentially representing the exact same information that was on the previous design. However, with the use of complimentary type faces and differentiation of weights and sizes, we have a hierarchy of information. At first glance, we see right away that this is Hirsch's Small Batch Reserved bottle of Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey, handmade in the USA. It has 46% Alcohol, 92 proof and the bottle contains 750ml. For someone who's not familiar with Bourbon like myself, that information is enough for me to make my decision.  But what else do I get from looking at this new design alone? The rich texture of the paper and careful use of golden foil stamp detail gives me an impression of quality. Instead of generic design elements, MODSF used significant items and elements to tie in the look and feel as well as hinting at the history of the brand (faded image of a bald eagle and five stars on the right, a small barrel with A.H. Hirsch's initials and an illustration of a building - possibly a distillery). 

Editorial photograph  

Editorial photograph

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