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Studio Spotlight: Think Packaging

by Diane Lindquist on 10/22/2013 | 6 Minute Read

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Think Packaging is a structural packaging design company fronted by Mat Bogust, who’s a cardboard engineering specialist. Recently winning The Dieline Package Award  2013 for designing Bolu Tea, Think Packaging creates innovative and bespoke packaging structures for agencies and private clients, and is based in Auckland, New Zealand. 

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All projects below are designed by Think Packaging, Auckland, New Zealand.


Documentary style storytelling is what bayly&moore dig more than anything - shooting images that tell genuine stories and show real people at their best. They needed a neat little package to pass to their clients after a shoot. 

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Bolu are purveyors of fine quality tea, directly sourced from Fair Trade plantations in Darjeeling, North India. The client's brief was to design a suite of original, contemporary packaging that created an overall 'umbrella' look to the consumer, but that also reflected the individuality of each tea variety.

The starting point to achieving this goal was the creation of a totally unique pack shape. After exploring many options, a perfect balance of aesthetics and function were applied. Visually the pack looks completely harmonious-due to the integration of flowing, curved lines that echo traditional Indian architecture. However form is nothing without function, so the true genius was ensuring that this unique pack was also cost effective to produce and easy to assemble.

Inviting Curious to the party was the key to success in this epic project. They lept into action designing sumptuous iconography and fused with it with a vibrant colour palette, to create a contemporary range of packs. 

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These sweet chalk boards are getting pretty popular & the guys at CHALKD needed a snazzy mailer to not only look the part but to do the business when it’s thrown around by the courier sorters!

First things first … End caps were developed to slip over each end to stop those pretty, hand crafted corners getting bashed in if it was dropped. Designed to be self make up & friction fit - these were just the ticket. Accompanied with a simple cross wallet to form the outer wrap …. marvellous!

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To design 2 concepts to present as a corporate gift.

Approaching the festive time of year, creating a quirky cracker was the first direction to head in. The ends were designed & engineered so the receiver can twist open & access the items inside. Keeping it classy and adding a nifty personal touch - the clients new house placed on top. Then, with a “light bulb” moment...Based on what every architect has used before, the yellow pencil had to be developed. Changing one end to be the point, the twist open end effortlessly became the eraser & with perfect execution...this blew them away.

A simple note inside or some handmade chocolates inside - a great gift

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What says honey more than a neat hexagonal pack! Just the ticket for these delicious jars of bee wizardry that are going to be posted around New Zealand. The packs were designed & made from Kraft B Flute with a sweet label top and bottom to keep it all cosy ...

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Rest In Pets

Day in, day out I live and breathe packaging design. From a cheeky little scamp of 17 to a now, rather respectful 32 year old I've been a structural packaging designer. Starting THINK Packaging 3 years ago my skills have been available to agencies and new businesses around the globe as their very own packaging ninja, and this got me thinking… "I wonder if I could produce awesome, game changing work for myself this time?"

An idea had been rattling around my head for some time and eventually made its way into the ideas book, sketched, then straight onto CAD. Once I had cut my first prototype I stood back and revelled in the pure, natural beauty of it and like an over excited child at Christmas I started showing it off to fellow designers & friends. All who saw this instantly knew that this wasn’t just an idea anymore, this had to happen. So Rest In Pets was created…

The death of a beloved pet can be hugely painful, and it’s difficult to plan for such a sad event. But think back to your early childhood memories of pets passing away. Goldfish flushed unceremoniously down the toilet. Guinea pigs and bunnies wrapped in old tea towels, and cats squashed into shoeboxes. Surely our furry family members are worth a bit of forethought?

Rest In Pets has designed and tested a set of products that finally gives pet lovers an option. Our smaller designs use a classic coffin shape, a well known visual metaphor that everyone can relate to. It adds a sense of solemn dignity.

For the large casket, we designed a new hexagonal shape. At the end of their lives, cats are best farewelled curled up... maybe remembering one of their many afternoon naps. The hexagonal shape suits this best.

If you wish to have your pet cremated the urn is an ideal way to hold the ashes. If you wish to scatter these at some stage there is an easy pull tab to do this. Alternatively, if you seek bury your pet after cremation you could lay them to rest in one of our caskets.

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Forget the traditional method of transferring the yolk between cracked egg shells... and the mess, broken yolks and floating shells that go with it. YOLKR is an innovative and stylish way of separating egg yolks from whites. Basically, it sucks... but in a good way!

It was my task to design the packaging for this ridiculously good looking kitchen item. The brief had some vital features to be considered: 1: Keep the beauty of the product - to have it shown as much as possible and able to be touched/squeezed. 2: Preferably the ability to hang or sit nicely in-stores.

I went through a few options (see hand cut concepts & pack testing below)

The final single YOLKR package had it all. Once this little beauty was complete I then created a few point of sale pieces and a transit display too. With my structural part finished I handed the baton to my friends at Curious Design and they knocked it out of the park!

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

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