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Concept: Harvey Nichols Xmas Hamper

by Jessica Sanchez on 10/18/2013 | 2 Minute Read

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There is nothing better than traditional fish and chips especially from London! This concept packaging is a fabulous take on the traditional fish and chips! The typography on the packaging is impactful and very upfront. The idea was to have words that described the delicious food inside! Read more about this project after the jump!







Fish and chips is a popular meal among the British, and has a vivid visual language. The brief for this project was to design packaging for a fish and chips flavored snack, that would go in a Harvey Nichols Xmas Hamper.

SOLUTIONRather than using images for the front of the packet, I decided to used emotive words that describe fish and chips. So i used the words:

“Crisp Fluffy Taste Of The Sea Side”

I then looked at the traditional way that fish and chips are wrapped and decided to use this technique to form the packaging. I wanted to give the packaging a ‘chip shop’ feel so I allowed the oil from the crisps to be soaked by the paper, so the product would look like it just came from a chip shop.

Designed By: Samuel Adio, United Kingdom

Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph

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