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Studio Spotlight: GJ Packaging

by Diane Lindquist on 10/14/2013 | 6 Minute Read

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GJ Packaging is a Lisbon-based studio that specializes in packaging and brand design. Founded by Guilherme Jardim with their philosophy focused on people, GJ Packaging is founded on strategy, targeting the differentiation, and innovation. This award-winning studio has become greatly popular and successful for their innovative designs, such as their newest project Amur Tiger. With such success, they are currently expanding their offices worldwide, opening a sister studio in São Paulo, Brazil.

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All projects below are designed by GJ Packaging, Lisbon, Portugal

Amur Tiger

From the Russian far East Siberia, Amur Tiger is one of the most distinguished vodkas in the world.

We were inspired by the purity of Siberia and by the Siberian Tiger, also called Amur Tiger, to create this brand. This is an unique glass bottle for a premium russian vodka, a totally different approach to the spirits packaging scenario. The result was a different, original, cosmopolitan and eye-catching award winning vodka bottle.

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The Winter Edition: 

This limited edition is just produced during the siberian winter. We were inspired by the siberian snow and the russian winter color palette. A clean and minimalist design full of details.

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D’Óbidos is a traditional cherry liqueur from Portugal and it is inspired on the castle of Óbidos.

Ginja D’Óbidos is a traditional portuguese cherry liqueur also called Ginjinha D’Óbidos.

It is produced in Óbidos, a village surrounded by a castle, the Castle of Óbidos.

This brand is inspired in the Castle and produced with selected morello cherries from the region.

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Amur Premium Vodka

Near the margins of the Amur River - Amur Premium Vodka is produced.  Amur Vodk is distilled in Khabarovsk.

This is another brand designed for Blackrocks Limited and produced by the russian distillery Habspirtprom, located in Khabarovsk City. For this premium vodka we designed an elegant bottle and graphics. On the logotype you can see the shape of the Amur River, the gold represents Russia and the red represents China (Russia and China are separated by the river). The river is also represented on the capsule. An award winning design for a fantastic vodka.

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Arca is a Portuguese brand inspired in the portuguese discoveries. Arca translate to  "ark" in Portuguese.

This elegant gourmet food range is composed by extra virgin olive oil, vinegars and sea salt. Arca’s goal is to showcase the best food products that Portugal has to offer, exporting them across the planet. Portuguese explorers took their culture around the planet. Arca is doing the same with this fantastic food products. Our inspiration came from that period of navigations and discoveries.

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Primvs Food brand aims to attract those who appreciate premium quality food and design.

Primvs Food is giving to the f&b industry a new brand identity that turns away from all what we’ve come to grown accustomed to. The packaging is very minimalist, with beautiful observation to detail. The beauty of the range is on the product design, on the shape, in details like the use of wood on the caps. The result is a very clean design, with just the essential graphics.

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D'ORO Selections is a brand focused in olive oil based products - from infused olive oils to cosmetics.

We got inspired by the "terroir" of the product. We wanted to design something that would express the premium characteristics of D’Oro products and at the same time would identify the simplicity of the way they are farmed and produced. The result is an elegant and modern packaging with different illustrations for each reference.

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Mil & Quinhentos

Mil & Quinhentos is a Portuguese wine designed specially for the Brazilian consumer. 

Mil & Quinhentos is a wine brand designed specially for the Brazilian consumer. The wine is portuguese and the main consumer is brazilian, so the main goal was to design a brand that would link Portugal and Brazil.

Brazil was discovered by Pedro Álvares Cabral in 1500 and it inspired us for the brand name. The graphics are centered in the World’s map, in a reference to the Portuguese navigations.

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Serrado is a Portuguese wine from Dão Region and targets a young audience who are interested in drinking good wine.

The goal of this project was to design a label that would appeal to a young consumer.

The wine label is very simple, clean and modern. The graphics represent the map of the Dão Region, the metalic color contrasts with the black background and toghether with the use of simple san serif clean typography gives a modern cosmopolitan look to the brand.

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Terra Nossa

Terra Nossa is the representation of the Portuguese lifestyle. It is all about sun, color and fabulous.

Vinho Verde is a kind of wine that you just can find in Portugal, on the north region of Minho.

The wine is known by its freshness and lightness. The goal was to create a label that would express the origin of the product, the portuguese lifestyle, the culture. We took very traditional portuguese things like Fado and the traditional architecture, representing them in a colourful, eye-catching design.

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