Winehouse “Wijnhuis”

by Jessica Sanchez on 01/21/2013 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

"Winehouse “wijnhuis” stands for good wine, in a good house for a good cause. A Dutch initiative from a local wine expert and designer."

"The first one selected a beautiful organic wine. The other designed the bottle and the packaging. Built with layers of recycled carton from old wine boxes. Produced with friends and small companies and the profit will go to an Amsterdam foundation for the homeless."

"The importance of a house for all is reflected in all elements; logo, label and box. The bottles are identical in shape and (dark) colour, with the one colour screen printing indicating whether its red or white wine. The box is die cut out of old wine boxes and then glued together. With the outer sheets printed in 2 colours and a spot varnish. Life is too short for bad wine, but also for bad design!"

Designed By: PROUDdesign, Amsterdam


Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

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