Butlers Pantry

by Jessica Sanchez on 01/10/2013 | 2 Minute Read

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The Brief:

To redesign the current Butlers Pantry home cooked packaging range of foods to better reflect the companies brand position.








The Process:

1.  A series of work shops we held with the client to establish brand position.

2.  We looked a range of mood-boards not to copy or even be influenced by otherwork but eliminate what we did not want the packaging to become.

3. A range of 3 routes were explored one photographic, one typographic and one illustrative.

4. After presenting to the client It was then decided that the illustrative route showed most promise

5. Several concepts were explored and concept "The Butlers Pantry Way" was decided as beingthe best route. A range of illustrations would tell the story of how the food was prepared, each pack explaining part of the process from farm to the finishing touches.

6. We decided the illustrator Steve Doogan would be most capable of executing the concept

7. Sketches were explored to establish scenes for each illustration

8.  A range of illustration styles were explored until we reached a style that was most appropriateto The Butlers Pantry brand identity. At the same time we explored a range packaging layouts.

9. The layouts and illustrations were presented to the client, minor modifications. Mocks upwere made and presented to a range of customers purely to establish and possible legibilityissues.

10. The packs were printed and delivered to the different stores

Design and Art Direction: Gerard Whelan

Illustration: Steve Doogan

Copy: Anne Flemming

The Studio:

Located in Dublin, Brandcentral works with both national and international clients on a variety of projects rangingfrom Identity to Branding to design for print for digital media.

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph


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