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Student Spotlight: Devil Aboard

by Gina Angie on 09/29/2012 | 2 Minute Read

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Check out this design from a professional designer who is working to update his education.

"Devil Aboard is a rum brand. It offers a range of premium and super-premium products, composed by a selection of the best rums from different origins, with very distinct features among them, but all of them coming from the Caribbean. The brand is not aimed at the big market, but at experimented rum consumers, due to its high quality. This sharp approach asks for a non-standard design style, to set itself apart from conventional products and, this way, the concept behind the product can be richer.

A story about a real character, Lord Charles Beresford, has been concocted. Charles lives some adventures that explain the historical look of the design, based on the style from the Victorian era.

The project is composed by the naming of the brand, the design of a packaging series for the two rum ranges and a small book (which tells the brand’s story) is a catalog and, at the same time, a cocktail book."


Designed by Ivan Castro

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph