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by Gina Angie on 09/18/2012 | 3 Minute Read

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TOMeTTe is the posh French meets casual Kiwis (New Zealander) food venture of  ThOMas and eTienne.

"Responding to a gap in the market for international cuisine in the fresh ready-made meal category, Thomas and Etienne [Tom Ette] of Tomette set out to create a restaurant-quality brand that married century-old French recipes with New Zealand's freshest ingredients.

We started the project with brand strategy, naming and brand architecture, only to narrow down the brand to the very founders and like all things, marry those two names together, and Tomette was born. With potential expansion into other European cuisine, Tomette needed to be an authentically adaptable range whilst nodding to the origins of French cuisine.

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Like the founders, Tomette is a bit of cheek, attitude and all about exquisite fine food that's easy to prepare. The guys had no issues with a brand that had a bit of fun poked at them. So a language of French-Kiwi cliches was used to connect Tomette with it's kiwiw consumers, poking fun at the French in a distinctly kiwi tongue. Everything from our curiosity with frogs and snails, to French kissing, the All Blacks and comments of the French's natural affinity with arrogance. Ultimately, Tomette wanted kiwis to build a relationship with the brand and be open to experience fancy french - without the fuss. And the way to do this was to mispell French vocabulary and bring le French cuisine snobbery back down to bite size.

The unique design aesthetic of Tomette is understated with homely emotive cues such as the old potato sack and dining table cloth with traditional French handcrafted typography. On shelf, showcasing the food imagery through a double keyhole was important to convey freshness and authenticity - unlike many other fresh-made meal brands in the supermarkets today.

The 'cloth' fabric is a key feature of the package design and is actual real fabric wrapped around their entire FoodShow exhibition."

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph