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Student Spotlight: Gaga Tea

by Gina Angie on 08/27/2012 | 2 Minute Read

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Gaga inspired design project by an aspiring graphic design student.

"In order to apply to this university, due to the vast amount of applicants, each aspiring student must solve several specific home tests. One of these tests was to freely portray a person you admire, whether it be a famous person, a friend or a family member. I chose Lady Gaga as the subject, and decided to create an unconventional portrait of her artistic persona.

The final result was 'Gaga Tea', a conceptual tea box consisting of ten different flavours, each inspired by Gaga's most memorable characters throughout her career so far. Along with the tea came the following motivation:

'Aside from being the Queen of pop culture, an eccentric and a constantly evolving chameleon, Lady Gaga is also a notorious tea-drinker. Google ’Lady Gaga+tea’ and you will end up with over 44 million search hits merely of Gaga drinking tea. There is even a Facebook-fan page dedicated to her most famous and frequently photographed tea cup.


Tea, an ancient beverage, is an artform in itself; the various flavours that can be found are countless. Similar to the vast amount of existing tea flavours, Lady Gaga's closet of characters throughout her career is just as extensive. What better way to portray one of the most dynamic artists of the 21st century, than in the shape of an exclusive tea box consisting of unique flavours inspired by Gaga's most memorable personas? The 'Gaga Tea'-box offers ten unconventional blends; among the choices are 'Meat Maniac' (inspired by the infamous meat dress), 'Diet Coke Dar(jee)ling' (from the famous Telephone-video Diet Coke-hairdo) and crustacean flavoured 'Lobster Lover' (a nod to the Schiaparelli lobster headpiece). There are ten unique tea bags to suit every little monster's taste buds.' 

With this same project I also applied to another university college and even got accepted at Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm, at the Bachelor Program for Advertising and Visual Communication. In the end I decided to attend Beckmans, as I sense my future lies in advertising and developing conceptual ideas. Thanks to Mother Monster, I will now attend my dream education this fall!"

 Designed by Nathalie Hallman

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