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Before & After: Lil-Lets

by Gina Angie on 08/23/2012 | 2 Minute Read

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This UK feminine hygiene line was redesigned to strengthen feminine positioning.

"As part of the redesign, Lil-Lets are introducing a new brand identity and shift in positioning to focus on discretion and femininity. The introduction of the new Lil-Lets GEM icon – which will appear on all packaging – is a representation of real femininity and is derived from cross cultural symbols for the Goddess, the Earth and the Moon.

The redesigned packaging borrows cues from the beauty category, ensuring discretion at point of sale. On the back of retailer feedback, the packaging is now in shelf-efficient formats that deliver sophistication both at the fixture and in the home.

Kate Jones at BrandOpus, says, “We have worked closely with Lil- Lets to design an identity for the brand which evokes the discreet and sophisticated world of beauty, cosmetics and fashion. We wanted to create a brand that would stand apart from its competitors by speaking from woman to woman. The GEM symbol is a confident and positive identity for the Lil-Lets brand, which evokes femininity and an understanding of all that there is to being a woman.”

In response to consumer needs, and a first for a brand within the sanpro category, Lil-Lets has worked with BrandOpus to develop a consistent colour strategy across the portfolio to denote absorbency. This new system of six absorbency colours is uniform across all ranges and ensures complete clarity and ease of navigation for the consumer.

The redesign brings a discreet yet confident look to the Lil-Lets range, which is simple for women to find on shelf.

This summer also sees the launch of the new teen liners, positioning Lil-Lets as the only brand in the category to offer a full range of sanitary protection, demonstrating an understanding of today’s women and their needs."


Designed by Brand Opus

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