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by Tiana Spellman on 08/15/2012 | 3 Minute Read

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Reishunger is a German importer and retailer of a diverse variety of high quality rices from across the globe.

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The packaging for Reishunger’s latest range, a collection of six quick to prepare organic risottos, designed by Bremen based Grabowski Böll, takes the bold typography of their visual identity, adds large vegetable photography and executes it across a card label clipped to a clear plastic structural solution that confidently displays the fine and artisan qualities of the rice.

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“The package design derives from the original Reishunger-Package and additionally includes a graphic of the main ingredient, such as a tomato or an eggplant. Also different from the original Reishunger-Package is the transparency of the bag in order to create a viewing window, so the ingredients can be seen."

There is a nice duality to this project that brings together the familiar and economical aesthetic of a clear plastic substrate, the craft aesthetic of a card label and brass details and the contemporary design cues of a heavily cropped sans serif logo-type printed over organic photography and a rosy brown background that neatly draws out the bright and natural colours from the risottos.The communicative effectiveness of the transparent pack (neatly highlighting the quality of the product and differentiating the varieties in a very simple and practical manner) frees the label from conventional dialogue and visual cliches. A confident tilt and crop offer a unusual twist and sense of motion to the neutrality of the typeface conveying the quick and convenient preparation of the risotto, the creativity of the recipes and creates a visual loudness that neatly resolves a pride in quality and hearty flavours. This idea is matched by large vegetable photography unconventionally set behind the type that adds both an organic contrast against the geometry of the type and (in size) the fine texture of the rice.

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The tall, light, and hand drawn letter-forms of the secondary typeface introduce a handcrafted and subtle annotated cookbook sensibility that while perhaps a little conventional delivers cues a little more accessible to consumers.The result is a unique fusion of what looks very much like a contemporary art and design aesthetic and a structural design that maximises honest and direct non-verbal communication through product exposure to convey authenticity, high quality and the crafted nature of the range.

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Opinion by Richard Baird 


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