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Crit* Bébé de Forêt

by Tiana Spellman on 07/04/2012 | 4 Minute Read

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Bébé de Forêt is a new range of organic skincare products developed under the South Korean brand Green Finger, a market-leader in the baby-care category.

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Bébé’s packaging, created in house by Kimberly Clarke partner Yuhan-Kimberly, mixes an usual plant pot structural design and a playful illustrative typographic combination that draws a parallel between child and plant growth to reflect the all natural and organic ingredients used throughout the range.

“The bottle and pump are designed to effectively deliver the benefit of organic ingredients which derived from the plant buds that grows in southern part of France. The bud-shaped pump and a flexible deco piece on the jar were created after times of efforts on visualizing the iconic feature of newly sprouted buds with full of energy.”

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“The chocolate colored piece with dimply surface on the cap represents a rich soil. Consequently the total package communicates an image of a sprout in a pot. The package received the ECOCERT certification by using recyclable plastic materials, and launched successfully in the market.”

Developed around a distinctive and proprietary structural design, Bébé’s packaging neatly resolves the themes of nature, nurture and nutrients associated with child care through a playful growing plant visual metaphor. The soft curves, ripples, tapered profile, matt finish, earthy brown and warm ivory tones fuse the plant pot concept with subtle characteristics derived from the adult skincare market intelligently balancing the soft and gentle with high quality effectiveness. The moulded plant pump and sprouting handle details (their stage of growth neatly tied to pot size) are well designed confidently mixing the practical and playful with thought given to the visual stimulus (and positive experience) of the child through a vivid but natural green low gloss material choice that keeps these from appearing overtly synthetic.

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The light, playful informality of an all lowercase, loosely drawn script logo-type conveys, in a familiar and fairly conventional (but well executed and communicative way), an open, accessible and child-like honesty. Like the packaging it successfully blurs the line between communication and a sense of fun with a typographic face competently drawn out of the letterforms. The Green Finger logo-type offers an uppercase contrast lending slightly more of authoritative and experienced tone of voice but with a similar sense of accessibility while the leaf/hand mark at its centre neatly compounds body-care and natural ingredients in a simple and iconic way. The screen printed treatment of these graphic design details reinforce the high quality nature of the product and likely to compliment the smooth matt finish of the surface.

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It is a clever use of structure to convey product properties without the need for language or direct consumer engagement. It neatly resolves the brand’s core propositions with a light-hearted child-friendly sensibility (also reflected through the graphic design) that subtly draws on some of the finishes and forms of the adult market to carry the value of the product and, while a little short on organic credentials, appears natural in an original and engaging way.

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Opinion by Richard Baird,  @richbaird

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