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Before & After: Kraft (Now Anything) Dressing

by Gina Angie on 06/04/2012 | 2 Minute Read

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This new branding was the result of a brief directing the creation of an ownable and disruptive new package for Kraft Salad Dressing.


Challenge & Key Objectives:Kraft has been a leader in salad dressing with the reputation for being America’s most famous and favorite brand. This popularity however has left them to look, act and behave like a store brand, with advertising, and packaging that has felt conventional and mundane. In addition, many brands are known for one famous flavor, such as Hidden Valley Ranch. Kraft’s brand was suffering as they have many flavors, rather than one distinct flavor.

Description of you arrived at the final design:To get people to align with the idea of experimentation and fun with our 72 flavors, we began with this simple premise: because Kraft Salad Dressing is used for so much more than salad, we thought it was unfair to call it salad dressing anymore. So we renamed it Anything Dressing. Therefore, the packaging reflected not only this revolutionary name change. It also presented a variety of foods consumers could make with anything dressing, proving that dressing could actually be used as a dip, as a marinade, as an ingredient in everyday cooking.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market:Kraft Anything Dressing became a confident & adventurous brand that brought much needed personality not only to Kraft but also to the salad dressing category. The simplified bold typography and cohesiveness of design helped consumers feel confident to move to new flavor options, while still retaining a feeling of Kraft’s strong legacy. In fact, the design was so successful, It inspired people to look at dressing in a whole new way.

Designed by BEING (Advertising & Brand Concept) & BRIGHT DESIGN (Production Support)

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