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Lovella is a new range of organic juices created from fresh, locally sourced fruit and vegetables by family run Croatian manufacturer Eko Vrelo.

Lovella´s name, visual identity and packaging solution, developed by multidisciplinary design agency Kuhari? Matoš working in collaboration with artist BooBoo Tannenbaum, contrasts a simple, single colour geometric logo-type with bright, hand rendered illustrative style that reflects Eko Vrelo's mission to ‘contribute to the health and happiness of their customers, employees, partners and their families'. Truly in love with nature, they obtain the ingredients for their organic juices in their immediate surroundings: Slavonia, the most fertile Croatian agricultural region.

They have entrusted the Kuhari? Matoš Agency with the task of developing the name, concept and design of their new product. That is how Lovella was born – a juice whose name and design are based on the “In Love with Nature” concept. The package and label design is simple and natural, leaving the center stage to illustrations. They are the work of BooBoo Tannenbaum, one of Croatia’s top illustrators, whose seasoned style perfectly concurs with the assigned concept.

“Since Lovella juices are made exclusively from fresh fruits and vegetables and contain many valuable natural nutrients which, owing to a special method of processing and filling, are almost entirely preserved inside glass bottles, our idea was to have the illustrations show, besides ingredients themselves, the imaginary world of various target groups. Thus for example the illustration for beet shows athletes because beet juice is perfect for replenishing energy, while in the illustration for carrot juice a mother proudly drives her child because carrots bolster the immune system and help create new, healthy cells, which is very important for a child’s healthy development.”

-Creative Director Bojan Matoš and Art Director Luka Kuhari?

The combination of loose and dynamic pen work, watercolour treatment and texture create a clear craft based and storybook aesthetic that celebrates the natural imperfections and distinctive character of organic products while neatly reflecting regional and local quality with a youthful liveliness. Each of the characters, through a combination of head shape, small feet, hands and flexible anatomy, feel original and consistent with a light and playful sense of energy and motion that works really well to capture the physical benefits of drinking 100% pure juice. A traditional and contemporary mix of activities such as kite flying, skateboarding and running capture a broad child to adult market and are enhanced by the themes of sharing (ball throwing), caring (pet ownership) and growing families (a mother and pram) that make each illustration appear thoughtful, engaging and inclusive. The fruit and veg, placed at the heart of each label, forms the ground on which the characters play and interact appropriately representing the earth from which produce grows and the characters draw their energy from driving home the close relationship between good nutrition and well being.

Constructed from a single line weight, rounded terminals, reoccurring letter shapes and generous spacing, the logo-type introduces an interesting contrast to the illustrative style of the images. Its natural lime green colour (and slightly superfluous heart detail) shares a similar promise of goodness but delivers stability and brand reliability through geometry presenting Lovella as an affordable product consistent in quality. Both the logo-type and illustrative work have been well executed with plenty of space across a simple straight cut label that wraps an off-the-shelf structural choice that keeps the design looking grounded and traditional. A die cut tag adds more of a proprietary detail with a neat dual heart/leaf shape that distills and communicates the key propositions, ties back to logo-type and Eko Vrelo’s own visual identity.

The fusion of fruit and characters, the subtle themes of activity, sharing and caring combined with a sense of family, expressed through a handcrafted illustrative technique and storybook aesthetic (reinforced by a subtle narrative), confidently builds on the restraint and familiar typographic cues of the sector. It is a smart combination that offers a new and richer direction that should appeal to both adults and children with layers of carefully considered detail founded on clear ideals that relate to the product and the brand’s broader commitment to social responsibility.

Opinion by Richard Baird

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