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Student Spotlight: Donec

by Gina Angie on 06/23/2012 | 2 Minute Read

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"Magnum is an ice cream with a stick that is known for its thick layer of chocolate and for being addressed to adult consumers. After more than 20 years since its launch in which became a globally recognized brand, Magnum wanted to approach an younger target by producing a new line of ice creams. And since the brand essence is "intense pleasure" the Donec characters were created, a funny and healthy family created from milk and fruit, covered with a thick layer of chocolate.


Donec is the new generation of Magnum (Latin for "Great") and like Magnum, its name comes from Latin and means "Fun" the more remarkable feature of this family. The name of the family members, also comes from Latin, and represents one quality of which character, Felix means happy; Amparo, deserving of love; Alba, white skin; Martín, warrior and Paula, little.

The ice cream comes inside a cardboard box in which is drawn a real size character's face, so the kid can cut it and use it as a puppet by putting it on the ice cream stick. It comes also with comestible accessories so the consumer can interact with the product by personalize the character's face before eating it! The main goal was that eating a Donec became a funny and creative experience.

Designed by Julia Castaño and Yesika Aguín, students of ELISAVA, Barcelona, Spain.

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