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Crit* Blue Nectar Tequila

by Tiana Spellman on 06/18/2012 | 4 Minute Read

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Blue Nectar is a handcrafted, ‘super-premium’, triple distilled tequila created in small batches using 100% blue agave.

The packaging and branding, designed by marketing and advertising specialist Energy Garden, working in collaboration with LA and New York based multi-disciplinary design agency Biggs & Co., mixes a antique style and bespoke structural design, a contemporary machined lid and cork combination, and a typographic and photographic label treatment.

“A good tequila requires a connoisseur’s eye. A great tequila, an artist’s touch. Blue Nectar™ Tequila began with a simple, driving passion to create small-batch artisan tequila products with flavors uniquely their own, yet universally renowned.”“It starts with our Maestro Jimadors, who patiently walk the blue agave fields of Jalisco, Mexico, hand selecting each plant that will be cooked and pressed to release the tantalizing juices held within. It continues with our Maestro Tequilero who carefully oversees the crafting of our three 100% blue agave expressions. His efforts can be seen in each of the three distillations that ensure Blue Nectar Silver achieves clean, crisp perfection. His ingenuity can be tasted in the delicate blend of reposado and limited production extra añejo tequila that creates Blue Nectar Reposado. And his skill can be admired during the infusion of spices to a relaxed, bourbon-barrel-aged tequila to craft the rich, layered flavor of Blue Nectar Special Reserve.”

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“This is respect for the ingredients and love of the craft. This is premium tequila honed by devout connoisseurs and interpreted by gifted artisans. This is tradition redefined.”- Taken from the Blue Nectar website.

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Blue Nectar’s structural design is an interesting and distinctive solution that is very much tied to the brand’s traditional, authentic and handcraft proposition through the intentional utlisation of glass impurities such as bubbles and varying wall thicknesses alongside a stamped detail on the reverse. Each of these details cleverly draws its inspiration from antique bottles (an emerging trend in the premium spirit category) and enhanced by the refraction and tone of the spirit inside. Its wide base and a comparatively low vertical height gives it a sense of stature and reflects the form of a classic decanter emphasising the themes of distillation expertise and exceptional taste. A cork set inside the precision and polished finish of a metal cap creates a nice union of old and new while offering an interesting contrast to the imperfections of the glass, neatly resolving the premium proposition and perceived heritage of the brand. Like the cork and machined cap the label juxtaposes the classic (wide slab serifs and script) with the contemporary (tall geometric sans serifs) achieving a careful balance of subtle agricultural tones, handcraft and the premium sensibilities established by brands such as Absolut.

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The stacked typographical layout, mix of broad and tall character heights suitably mirror and compliment the two side profiles of the structural design while the simple line details and single colour photography has a retrospective but ultimately trend-based aesthetic that may not have longevity. The agave photography, which takes up a significant portion of the label’s front panel, is a little dull and offers little communicative value beyond that of the literal but, in conjunction with the type sets a consistent tone across the bottles and does not compromise the quality achieved by the structural design or appear too polished to be considered high volume.While the label lacks originality, there are a number of other more communicative and tactile print techniques and material treatments that would make the handcrafted proposition significantly more engaging, the contrast of hand-blown glass-craft aesthetic and machined finish across the structural design successfully conveys both a sense of authentic handcraft and premium quality.

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Opinion by Richard Baird