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by Gina Angie on 05/24/2012 | 3 Minute Read

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New all natural vitamin enhanced water identity, packaging design and tone of voice created by Pearlfisher New York.

"Activate is the original vitamin water brand that uses a unique twist cap to dispense vitamins and natural extracts into the water. According to research conducted in partnership with an independent analytical laboratory, Vitamins A, B5, B12, and C lose their potency sitting in water. By storing vitamins inside the moisture-resistant cap compartment and then dispensing them by twisting the cap, the ingredients in ACTIVATE products stay powerful.

Pearlfisher New York has created a new and refreshed look that better communicates the activation of fresh vitamins, taste appeal, core benefits and unique cap function, through a differentiated and desirable packaging design. The new look unifies the brands core values through a powerful and singular identity.


'We made the strategic decision to package ACTIVATE in a way that would better communicate who we are as a brand and what we aim to deliver to our consumers,' said Jesse Merrill, vice president of marketing for ACTIVATE. “Pearlfisher was the right partner to bring our vision and new creative direction to life.'

The design aesthetic features colored shapes that merge on the pack to suggest the effective combination of vitamins and water. Vibrant color variations are used to differentiate flavors and taste, along with abstract, brand-appropriate fruit shaped icons. The bottle cap colors match the color used on the bottle sleeve. 

Commenting on the design, Simone Fabricious, Design Director at Pearlfisher says: 'We have communicated ACTIVATE’s dynamic benefits in a fresh and modern way that also highlights the authentic quality of the brand. The telescoping and ever-building shapes connect to the dispensing cap function and ACTIVATES brand vision to live life at 100%'.

Luke Calabrese, Lead Creative at ACTIVATE comments: 'We wanted to create a dynamic design that captured the essence of ACTIVATE. In order to do this we had to identify a design that expressed movement and fluidity, which is always a challenge when working in a 2d space. The way our new design uses shapes, repetition, layering and different color tones successfully communicates this visually,” says Luke. He continues, “in working with Pearlfisher, we have achieved an ownable look and feel that communicates the brand’s key benefits while also giving ACTIVATE strong shelf presence.'"

The newly designed bottles will be available on shelf at several fine retailers from May 2012, as well as for purchase online at activatedrinks.com and amazon.com.

Designed by Pearlfisher

Creative Director: Hamish Campbell, Pearlfisher

Creative Partner: Jonathan Ford, Pearlfisher 

Design Director: Simone Fabricious, Pearlfisher

Strategy Director: Tess Wicksteed, Pearlfisher

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Editorial photographEditorial photograph